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This year’s first batch of acorn meal is ready to go!

The acorns I processed were gathered from the chestnut oak (Quercus prinus), a species of white oak that, comparatively speaking, contains a rather high level of tannins. To bring this level down, I cold-leached the acorns for 10 days, decanting the water about 2 times per day (sometimes 3). The remaining meal went into the dehydrator on a low setting and dried sufficiently within 5 hours.

I’ve already made my famous (well okay, only to me) wild porridge with serviceberries, crab apples, and maple syrup, and it was a most satisfying breakfast. Just what I needed after pullups, incline chest presses, and barbell shrugs.

It’s not too late to harvest acorns! Many from the white oak group are sprouting as you are reading this (they like to do that in the autumn), though the acorns from the red oak group can still be found ungerminated.

If you’d like to learn more about acorn harvesting and processing, consider joining me for an outdoor class on this very topic, on Saturday, November 15th. It’ll be a great time, for sure!



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