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Are you interested in learning how to locate, identify, and sustainably harvest the wild edible plants and mushrooms of Pennsylvania?

adamacornswildfoodismMy name is Adam Haritan, and I am a wild food enthusiast, researcher, and forager.

I learned the value of wild food foraging while studying nutrition at the University of Pittsburgh.  It was here that I discovered just how beneficial wild foods could be in optimizing human health.  You see, wild plants, on average, are more nutritious than their cultivated counterparts (i.e. wild blueberries vs. domesticated blueberries, wild lettuce vs. iceberg lettuce).

The wild food diet is the diet that we, as Homo sapiens, have been consuming for the majority of our time on this planet, and it is the diet to which we are most adapted.

Today, very few Americans consume any wild foods, subsisting instead on nutrient-deficient products that scarcely resemble anything real or natural.  It’s no wonder that degenerative diseases like cancer, diabetes, and chronic inflammation are so prevalent.  We have abandoned our natural diet and are suffering as a result.

This realization has allowed me to unearth the forgotten knowledge we once cherished by pursuing and sharing the forager’s lifestyle.  I would now like to share the enthusiasm and passion I have for wild foods with you!

If you’d like to learn more about the walks I lead, check out Wild Food Walks!

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