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Hang Out In A Place Like This, And It’ll All Make Sense

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May I ask you a question?

If you close your eyes and imagine yourself fully relaxed and stress-free, incredibly content with the feeling of complete freedom — where would that be?  What would your surroundings look like?

For some of us, the beach comes to mind.  For others, the mountains are calling.  And without a doubt, some of us would be perfectly fine sitting at home with our family and friends!

These are all great answers.

For me, I enjoy old growth forests.  Exploring a wilderness inhabited by ancient trees gives me the sense that I am finally home.  It’s a feeling that I rarely experience elsewhere, and I imagine that it has something to do with the wildness of the place — kind of like the wildness of the ocean, the wildness of the mountains, and the wildness of our friends and family.  (Ha!)

Interestingly (and unfortunately), much of this wildness is gone…

Read the rest of this post (and watch the video!) at Learn Your Land.

Author: Adam

Wild foodist

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