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Turkey Tail And Its Genoprotective Effects

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Race (to the woods) for the cure…

Exposure to synthetic and semi-synthetic chemical compounds has been linked to human cancers. Many of these compounds directly react with DNA, causing mutations that may ultimately lead to cancerous conditions.  This is known as genotoxicity.

An interesting new study came out…

Turkey tail, one of the most common sights in our woodlands (you can harvest it today!), has been recently shown to demonstrate potent geno-protective effects.  Alcohol extracts of this mushroom (you can make it today!), in the researchers own words, were considered “strong anti-genotoxic agents able to stimulate the geno-protective response of cells contributing to enhanced immune function and toxin removal.” (1)

In other words, turkey tail is probably a mushroom worth befriending.  Now go harvest some!

Author: Adam

Wild foodist

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