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There are several great resources online to help individuals improve their skills in botany, mycology, herbalism, and natural plant medicine.

Here are a few that I’ve been using recently:
To properly identify and key-out mushroom species, I highly recommend this website.  Michael Kuo, mushroom enthusiast and English professor, provides exceptional information and numerous references on hundreds of mushroom species throughout North America (and beyond!).

EthnoHerbalist covers the cultural history and health benefits of various medicinal plants.  The site’s creator, Kevin Curran, is a biology professor at the University of San Diego who teaches courses in cell biology and ethnobotany.  Many herbal websites lack scientific citations, though EthnoHerbalist is different:  it serves as a review of the latest clinical results that either support or refute the health claims associated with specific plants.

Go Botany
For online plant identification, I typically use Go Botany.  Even though its scope covers the New England states, I still find it very applicable for most of the plants inhabiting Western Pennsylvania.

Western PA Foragers Facebook group
If you’re interested in wild food foraging… and you live in Pennsylvania… and you have a Facebook account… definitely check out this wonderful foraging community.  Members actively participate in discussions related to plant identification, mushroom identification, foraging, recipes, resources, and more.  Don’t forget to hit the “Join” button to join!

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