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The Voluminous-Latex Milky Mushroom (Lactifluus volemus, Formerly In The Genus Lactarius)

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With all this rain we’ve been experiencing in Western Pennsylvania, foraging for mushrooms has never been easier.

Pictured above is a choice edible mushroom that can be found now under hardwood trees.  Key distinguishing characteristics:

•lots of milky latex when bruised
•this milky latex stains hands brown (sometimes faintly)
•this milky latex stains envelopes faintly brown (I tested this)
•the gills, which are close together, stain brown when bruised
• a”fishy” smell to the latex, though a bit sweet

Look-alikes include Lactifluus corrugis and Lactifluus hygrophoroides, though if you witness the aforementioned characteristics, you’ve most likely got the voluminous-latex milky mushroom.

Happy mushroom hunting!


Author: Adam

Wild foodist

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