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Chaga For Colon Cancer



Reason #739 to consume chaga: it may be effective against colon cancer.

That’s what a new study, published in Nutrition Research And Practice (2015), is suggesting. An alcohol extract of chaga (Inonotus obliquus) inhibited the reproduction and DNA synthesis of human colon cancer cells.

According to the researchers, “I. obliquus could be used as a natural anti-cancer ingredient in the food and/or pharmaceutical industry.”

Of course, there aren’t too many studies corroborating these findings, and this particular study wasn’t even performed on a single human being. We’re not petri dishes for crying out loud! Might as well dismiss the findings all together, eh?

Well, no. With a plethora of research showcasing chaga’s diverse suite of medicinal actions, and with a long, rich history of traditional use, common sense and intuition should start to tell us something…

…and guess what that is?


Author: Adam

Wild foodist

2 thoughts on “Chaga For Colon Cancer

  1. How lucky you found Chaga! I have been searching but haven’t found the treasure yet!

    Liked by 1 person

    • elizabethadan,

      Whereabouts do you generally live? I can give you some tips if you’d like. I live in SW Pennsylvania, and usually find it in the northern half of the state. If you ever make your way through SW Pennsylvania, I don’t mind parting with some chaga!

      Thanks for commenting!


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