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Nature’s Imprints

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Foraging isn’t always about the food. The connection to nature penetrates much deeper.

Foraging allows us to connect to all the species within our landscape, and while we may think that we’re leaving with a basket full of nettles, we’re also leaving with an infinite amount of nature’s imprints… for example, the sight and song of this white-breasted nuthatch, who kept my eyes off the woodland floor for just a few moments while it danced up and down the tree. Seems like I wasn’t the only one foraging and having a good time that day!

Impressions like these are irreplaceable, and although we can leave a grocery store with enough food to last a lifetime, our shopping carts will always be devoid of things much greater, things that cannot be quantified with RDAs or DRIs…

Nature’s imprints.

Author: Adam

Wild foodist

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